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Should the Los Angeles Police Department remain at its current size of 9,500 sworn officers, should it be downsized, or should it increase?

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Editor’s note: The total cost associated with the LAPD, according to the most recent city budget, is nearly $3.1 billion, which includes $644 million for pensions, $346 million for benefits, and other expenses. The $1.76 billion represents the operational costs that a mayor has the most discretion to adjust.

Question 2 of 5

The current LAPD budget of $1.76 billion represents almost 16% of the overall city budget. Should LAPD funding stay the same, increase or decrease?

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Question 3 of 5

Is it possible to reduce crime in the city without increasing the LAPD budget?

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Question 4 of 5

Media investigations have found that LAPD officers have disproportionately stopped Black drivers, and were much more likely to search Black and Latino drivers. Do you believe racial profiling is a problem?

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Question 5 of 5

District Attorney George Gascón came to office on a progressive agenda that includes fewer prosecutions for low-level crimes. What statement best reflects your opinion of his agenda?

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Your Matches on Policing

  • May 23, 2022: Updated answers from Craig Greiwe on the first two questions, regarding LAPD staffing and budget.

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